Why Choose PPI for your Flexible Packaging Needs?

Why Choose PPI

Polymer Packaging, Inc. turns ideas into reality with expertise and personal attention. We earn your business by providing cost-effective, practical, and innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, simple or complex.


Our company integrates engineering services and knowledge of polymer science to create more effective solutions for its customers.

Manufacturing / Converting

Quality and efficiency are two pillars of our production operations. Our approach to manufacturing and converting preserves our company’s reputation and ensures long-term relationships with customers.

Sales / Sales Service

Our company builds enduring business relationships that develop through personal dedication and trust. Our sales team is given the tools to ensure that your needs are met. We harness technology to improve the way we do business, and yet, we still understand that people do business with people. When you call, someone you know answers the phone, and that person wants to provide a solution.