Food Packaging Pouches & Resealable Packages

Food Packaging

Food packaging requires shelf presence. Would you like to increase your market share while improving your processing speeds and driving down overhead? Polymer Packaging, Inc. has expertise in re-closeable packaging, stand up pouches, shaped pouches, spouted pouches, retort packaging, microwaveable packaging and multi-layered high barrier films.

Our company offers, among many other products, leak-proof liners, barrier packaging, stand-up pouches, Inno-Lok® pre-zippered films and box liners.

Our product offering spans the market to include high-end 10-color printed substrates for retail applications to simple mono-ply box liners.

Our Capabilities

  • Sizes: 3” – 236” Lay Flat
  • Gauges: .00024 – .020 mil
  • Films: Single Wound Sheeting, Centerfold, Tubing, Mono layer, Co-extrusions, Laminations (Adhesive and Extrusion)
  • Microwaveable films
  • Flexographic/Rotogravure 10-Color Printing
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging
  • Shrink Films
  • Staple Pack/Wicketed Bags
  • Inno-Lok® and Bag Top Pre-Zippered Films
  • Reclosable Stand-Up Pouches
  • Quick Tack FFS Co-Extrusions (Guaranteed To Increase Production Rates)
  • Quick Tack Laminate Films (PET, Prop, Nylon, PVDC, Foil)
  • Laminations Film Structures
  • PET/ PE
  • Coated PET/ PE
  • BOPP/metOPP
  • PE/PE
  • Pet/foil/PE 3 ply barrier laminations (Hot fill, condiments, drink pouches)
  • Pet/foil/nylon/ CPP or PE sealants (High barrier and retort packages
  • PET/ CPP Microwaveable films (high cook temps, grease and oils) micro-perforated
  • PET/MSPE Microwaveable/Freezer compatible performance film micro-perforated
  • Coextruded Structures
  • 3 layer PE structures
  • 3 layer nono-nylon barrier film
  • 5 layer nylon coex barrier film
  • 5 layer EVOH barrier film
  • 7 layer Nylon/EVOH barrier films
  • Coex modified atmosphere films
  • Inno-Lok® is a registered trademark of Innoflex Incorporated.

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