Microwavable Food Packaging

Microwavable Packaging

Consumers are looking for fast and convenient meals. They often turn to frozen and microwaveable foods. Polymer Packaging, Inc., offers several microwavable packaging technologies, micro perforation, Inno-Lok and steam valve, allowing for high quality microwaveable foods. We offer the only true hermetically-sealed microwaveable film. Our film blocks atmospheric pathogens prior to cooking, and allows food to cook fast and evenly. We can supply this technology in roll stock, pre-made pouches, stand up pouches, retort pouches and shaped pouches.

Microwavable Packaging Works For:

  • Meal Ready Solutions
  • Frozen or fresh vegetables
  • Frozen fish (with sauces or seasoning)
  • Frozen seafood food medleys and dinners
  • Retort shelf stable products.
  • Precooked frozen pasta’s & rice

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