Industrial Protective Packaging Materials

Protective Packaging

Our protective packaging is manufactured using several substrates and is designed by our packaging specialists. Industrial packaging is our core strength but we excel in other types of packaging as well.

The Allendale Michigan division focuses on

  • Industrial Foam Packaging
  • Bubble Packaging Material
  • Polyethylene Bag Manufacturer
  • Spunbond Pouches

However we are not exclusive to these substrates. Our staff has experience in many types of packaging, and we see this as a valuable asset to our company’s diversity.

Many of our products are customized to order but we do have an established stock product line for those customers who need just a few cases.

Packaging Specialists

Packaging your merchandise can be a confusing, and often times frustrating, experience. At Polymer Protective Packaging, our packaging specialists understand the complex process of choosing a safe, secure, simple to use package that will fit the needs of your product. Our staff has years of experience, and we welcome the challenge of trying new things to satisfy our customers’ needs. Versatility is a key factor in providing products to our customers and we accomplish this through human resources and maintaining key process equipment.

Industrial Packaging

Our facility in Allendale has a strong industrial packaging background, but we are always expanding our operations into new areas of expertise. New machines, experienced personnel, and continual improvement have allowed for us to grow into other areas of packaging as well. In addition to industrial packaging, we provide packaging for automotive, medical, commercial and food & beverage industries as well. With our ISO 9001:2008 certificate, we are readily available to serve different markets.